Movies I want to watch with my family

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Let’s see we have done
Blade Runner
The original Star wars trilogy
The man with no name trilogy
The original Bond trilogy
The Matrix

I want to do
The Maltese Falcon
A night at the opera
True Romance
Mad Max 1 and 2

Yes I think Kes might be next..


I’ve got your back

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These are the words that entrepreneurs, painters, artists, statesmen, customer service pioneers and writers need to hear.
Not true. They don’t need to hear them, they need to feel them.
No artist needs a fair weather friend, an employee or customer or partner who waits to do the calculus before deciding if they’re going to be there for them.
No, if you want her to go all in, if you want her to take the risk and brave the fear, then it sure helps if you’re there too, no matter what. There’s a cost to that, a pain and risk that comes from that sort of trust. After all, it might not work. Failure (or worse! embarrassment) might ensue. That’s precisely why it’s worth so much. Because it’s difficult and scarce.
Later, when it’s all good and it’s all working, your offer of support means very little. The artist never forgets the few who came through when it really mattered.
Who’s got your back? More important, whose back do you have?

Boxing Day Test

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Heaps of food and grog kids Playing on their Xmas skate things brianna has her long board ash his pro scooter and jordy has a contraption with three wheels that I could only imagine had been invented to Maim young adventurous kids

Cricket not so good less than a hundred and zero spirit perhaps too much plum pudding for Xmas dinner

I fear it’s a long way back to the glory days of the turn I’d the century

At least Richie is still commentating